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If you are in Malaysia and are currently pursuing a course in Biological Sciences, we call you smart. Because you have chosen a great place along with a great subject. Biology indeed is a vast field of study and can take you to many possibilities. Biology will encourage you to think deeply about every scenario and find a way out of problems. Below are the perks of studying this subject. We will mention the probable career opportunities in the field of biology for you in the following segment as well. If you wish you can divert to more specified sectors after studying biology at the college or university level.


Provide direct benefits to numerous industries

Biology is the study of life forms that informs us about our very being and the organic world around us. So, it is a wide domain of science that can be used in diverse industries like genetics, medicine, biotechnology, bioenergy, and other industrial applications

Understanding the big picture

It gives the answers to many large-scale problems, along with demonstrating the big picture of the planet. Biology shows how each and everything in our environment is interlinked and how the impact of one element can influence the other areas.

Solve various social and economic issues

If you study biology for years in detail, it will be clear to you how it can solve numerous social and economic problems in no time. It provides you with profound knowledge of climate changes, scarcity of crop supplies, and other similar issues.

Curing common diseases

By studying biology, one learns the reasons behind the various instantaneous changes occurring in animals’ bodies. It educates you specifically about living organisms and the wide range of diseases that can affect their normal being. It brings to you the career opportunity of a researcher and many more and makes sure you can help the world in some way.

Improving human health

Remember, that great scholars say that there is no existence of medical science or doctors without biologists. Once biologists stop experimenting and discovering things, medical science will hardly find a step forward. It is the biologists who work and research tirelessly to supply medical science with new medicines, new treatn] ment methodologies, and whatnot. They are the backbone of the science behind the improvement and maintenance of human health and also, the health of other organisms.

Solving environmental problems

Being an avid nature enthusiast with a knowledge of biology makes you a perfect fit for any environmental organization. Because people in that field require experts from diverse fields to solve issues they detect. Along with geologists, chemists, and physicists, what they look for most are the biologists.

Get a better understanding of living beings

It provides you with a better understanding of all living beings, be they human beings, other animals, or autotrophs. It also describes how everything is connected. Biology is a science that shows how all living beings interact with the physical and chemical environment and how the interaction can be made smoother to benefit them.

Maintain a healthy ecology

Most biologists work with the honest aim of maintaining a well-balanced, healthy ecology on the planet. This work includes a plethora of things like how to educate people about balance, how to prevent animal cruelty, how to stand against deforestation and promote reforestation, and how to create awareness about using less processed food and more natural and farm-fresh fruits and crops and cereals, etc.

Maintain a healthy ecology

Most biologists work with the honest aim of maintaining a well-balanced, healthy ecology on the planet. This work includes a plethora of things like how to educate people about balance, how to prevent animal cruelty, how to stand against deforestation and promote reforestation, and how to create awareness about using less processed food and more natural and farm-fresh fruits and crops and cereals, etc.

Shapes different careers

After studying biology your life can be aimed in any direction of your choice. Because this is a field that includes the entire planet and by the completion of a course, you have already gained the idea of most of the natural events going on on earth.

Provides an answer to fundamental questions on life

Not only current science but also the history of life on earth is explained by biology with evidence that makes sense. The evolution of life on earth, the time before life was there, everything is of interest to a biologist.



The most lucrative career option that pops up in anyone’s mind once you utter the word biology is that of a doctor. A doctor is counted as one of the highest regarded professions for an individual with a background in biology. After high school or even after graduation, in order to become a doctor, one can pursue a medical degree. After that, depending on the interests, a doctor can pursue a postgraduate degree in any particular arena to become a specialist.


The scientific study of life forms on earth is the principal job of a biologist. They have specialized in the analysis of behavior, propagation, adaptation, genetic structure, etc. of diverse living organisms. Depending on their interest in plants or animals, both Zoologists and Botanists are included in this category. Biologists are in high demand and are employed in places where environmental restoration and conservation are of high necessity, such as national parks, biosphere reserves, zoological gardens, or sanctuaries.

Biomedical Engineer

Another amazing career offered by biology is biomedical engineering. You can be both a biologist and an engineer at the same time if you study biomedical engineering after graduation in Biology or you can simply take a four-year course in biomedical engineering. As a biomedical engineer, you can make great contributions to mankind. You can invent new techniques for organ transplants, prosthetic limbs, medical instruments, and many more.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists monitor and observe the environment in the interest of living beings including plants, animals, microbes, fungi, algae, and everything else. Not only that, they monitor air quality, water quality, and soil parameters. They detect imbalances and find ways to put them back to balance. They are the sole restorers of the harmony of nature. They also look into pollution-related issues and propose ways to mitigate them. They propose government policies. They also look into matters of occupational health and safety. One can become an environmentalist after studying biology by further specializing in the environment for 2 years or so.

Food Scientist

Food scientists are involved in the quality regulation and monitoring of the processing and safety of food products by doing studies and research. Biology forms the base and one can further specialize in food science to become a food inspector or food scientist.

Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientists deal with the physical and chemical analysis of biological entities to test and find inferences for crime or other confidential matters. Forensic scientists are in high demand in government sectors. After studying biology, a specialization in forensic science or forensic biology can help you become a forensic scientist and have a great lucrative future ahead.


The wonderful world of microbes is apparently invisible to us but is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Starting from our human gut to the depths of soil microbes are present since the prehistoric ages. They can give evidence of time and change. They can keep the soil fertile. They can heal human diseases. Microbiologists are thus able to deal with the more interesting stream of biology and have a great future in various industries.


While microbiologists can use microbes to develop medicines, biotechnologists are able to use technology to mitigate pollution, toxification, and many other deleterious events. They can invent technologies to produce more efficient crops and food cereals. Biotechnology is simply the need of modern times.


Pharmacists are professionals or scientists who are experts in chemical composition and biological impacts of medicines. They are employed by pharmaceutical companies in various roles.


After studying biology many want to serve society and pursue nursing studies. A doctor is not complete without a biologist as we mentioned before and now we are adding a nurse to that. A nurse’s care is fundamental to a patient’s recovery and survival process. With the knowledge of biology, one can become a nursing professional after pursuing a further course in nursing.

We wish you all the luck if you already are a student of biology in Malaysia. Biology must lead you to a great future and give you a great career of your interest as well. But you may face challenges during the course. You may have to write numerous assignments along with other involvements of the course. You need to do good each time to fetch good scores as a final grade card with great grades is what will help you walk further towards your dream career. Following are the issues you may face during that:

  • Lack of Complete Knowledge:

To write a term paper, students can find all the information they need from the school library, textbooks, class notes, and the internet. Writing assignments require more than just information. Organizing, bringing relevance, and meaning to them is important to generating a good assignment.  Unless the following tasks are completed, collecting information will be of no value. In order to write extraordinary essays, it is important to understand the topic and the primary subject, as well as understanding how to organize it all. As a result of their lack of understanding, many students arrange their data poorly and construct papers poorly.

  • Poor Time Management Skills:

It is not uncommon for new college students to be involved in multiple extracurricular activities during their first few years. In some cases, extracurricular activities are maintained throughout the year. It is often difficult to manage all those activities along with studies, lectures, debates, seminars, exams, and assignments. When it comes to writing assignments, it can be difficult to find enough time to gather and organize all the information. It is also possible that unforeseen situations will occur. The end result is often average marks because one writes random assignments in a hurry.

  • Deadline Fright: It is possible to fear deadlines only. Fright is not something to be ashamed of. It is understandable that deadlines can be a nightmare. You eventually become unaware of your inability to write a good assignment as your productivity decreases.

You must not worry if any of the mentioned issues bother you. It is our commitment to the would-be Biologists to help them overcome such scenarios with complete support and optimum grades and that is what we do at tutorshelp.com for many years now. Feel free to contact us, find our helpline, and ask for any assistance you need. Malaysia we are ready to make your journey of becoming a pro in Biology an exciting one.

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