To start with a basic understanding of Finance is, It basically refers to the management of a large amount of money. Finance is important both in personal life as well as in larger organizations like firms, start-ups and companies. As a subject, Finance can be defined as the systematic study of managing expenses of an organization. Proper grasp over this subject can lead to the prosperous growth of the company and hence the vitality of this subject is massive.

Now that we have got an overall view over what the subject actually is, let’s try to know more about it. Here are the many branches of Finance:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Public Finance
  • Personal Finance

Personal finance is something that we all experience and do on a daily basis. We just didn’t knew the name. We all set a budget keeping in mind our income and expenditures. We keep track of our earnings from different sources like jobs, investments, rewards, discounts and stuff and do analyze that in some way or the other. Then only we set a budget for ourselves or our family in an organized way to avoid any future restraints. That is exactly what Personal Finance means.  So basically, we all have one financial manager at home. Interesting!

  • Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance, as the name suggests, is related to Corporates or companies. Every company runs on the basis of money. That is what business is all about, right?

Every company or organization needs money to get started as well as to keep it running. Without funds, no business can run. Where go get funds from, how to manage the funds raised from different sources, where to invest so that it bags the company the profit of its value; all this come under finance section. A company that has sound control over its finance has sound control over its profit too and hence Finance becomes an integral part of any business irrespective of its  form and size.

  • Public Finance

Again, as the name suggests, Public Finance is related to the public or the mass. It’s related to the government, to be more specific and thus is otherwise known as the Government Finance. The income of the country, proper distribution of wealth among the citizens, making a budget for the fiscal year; all this come under the Public Finance.

It helps the government keep track of the finance of the country and hence ultimately giving fuel to the proper management of wealth which leads to the country’s economic growth and development.


After knowing all this, you must have got the idea that finance is one of the most interesting yet one of the toughest subjects out there. Interesting because this particular subject is one that can be implemented to every aspect of our lives; may it be our personal life or professional life. On the contrary, tough because students fail to grasp the subject properly due to multiple reasons.


One of the most stated reason, according to the students of finance, behind students not being able to grasp the subject properly is Assignments. All thanks to the whopping amount of assignments students are expected to complete within a tight deadline is terrifying and of course worth the pity.

No matter what the subject is, the burden of assignments is the same. The students across the world share the same old pressure that is caused mainly by assignments. Students are expected to entirely master the subject they are studying, but on the other hand are left with the mountains of assignments that need to be filled up within the tight deadlines.


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