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Statistics is called as a Royal subject for all the right reasons. Statistics has been used since ages for something or the other in every field. Although this royal subject needs no introduction, to start with a brief overview of the subject; Statistics is the branch of science that refers to the systematic collection, organizations, analysis, interpretation and then presentation of numeric or quantitative data. To use statistics in different aspects of life or profession, it is recommended to first start with the standardized collection of correct data.

Statistics can beclassified into two branches, that are:

  1. Descriptive Statistics
  2. Inferential Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics is that branch of statistics in which statistical data is arranged in a summarized manner. The goal of this school of statistics is to provide valuable and informative information about Statistics Assignment Help of the available data. Descriptive statistics is generally pictured in the form of diagrams, pie-charts or other graphical presentation methods.

  • Inferential Statistics

Inferential Statistics is the branch of statistics in which systematic inferences or estimates are made on the populations based on the sample data available. They are quite different from descriptive statistics as the mail goal of inferential statistics is to test hypotheses and decide whether the data is generalizable to the larger population or not.


The vitality of this subject is manifold. Statistics is used in every field in some way or the other. The use of statistics in personal life is also vital. But, this subject is not only useful in day-to-day life, but also opens a wide scope for the students searching for a prosperous and strong career.

Every company needs a strong financial system for its growth and prosperity, and for a strong financial system, there is a strong need of a good financial manager with a sound knowledge over the financial system of the company. Now the question is; what do people search for in a good financial minister?

Well, if you ask an employer, they will reply that the first trait they need in a good financial manager is their sound knowledge over statistics as the statistics forms the basis for a powerful financial backbone. So, if you have dreamt of being a financial manager, you must have full control over statistics.

The demand of statistics is increasing gradually as people have slowly but steadily been able to understand the potential of this wonderful subject. But still, it can be noticed that students are afraid of going on the path of statistics. But what is the reason?


Well, according to various surveys, students refrain from choosing their favorite subject due to various other factors that accompany the subject. One of the most prominent of them all is the Assignments. Students fear lagging behind the others because they think they won’t be able to compete with the others due to the burden of assignments. This reason is not unjustifiable, because we all have felt the same at some point of our student life. So, we all can relate to and empathize with the students of this era.

Some students even drop out of their education just because they don’t have the strength to handle all those unnecessary burden. They don’t get time to take a pause and enjoy their life. After all, assignment should not be the only thing that a student should be spending their whole time with.


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