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A city of incredible talent, France is one of the best destination to go for further studies. One of the most reputed universities of the world are located in France and so, thinking of heading to France for higher education will never disappoint you. Highly qualified professors with excellent teaching abilities, highly intelligent learners who invest their time and effort to studies and high-tech educational institutions; France has everything to offer a keen learner. With its competitive study environment, the process of learning never takes a pause in France.

The perks of moving to France cannot be counted. However, let’s take a look at France’s education system so that you can get a better knowledge about it.

Education in France is mainly centralized in manner with manifold subdivisions in it. However France offers both public and private education facilities to its students.Education in France mainly is divided into 3 stages

  1. Primary Education
  2. Secondary Education
  3. Higher Education

Let’s know about it in details

  1. Primary Education

Just like majority of the countries in the world, Education in France is compulsory from children aged between 6 and 16. However, children before the age of 6 can attend nursery schools or play schools. The primary education institutions provide elementary education to its students aged between 6 and 10

  1. Secondary Education

Secondary education in France basically contains two cycles:Middle School and High School. Middle School provides education to the students aged between 11 and 15, whereas High School provides education to students aged between 15 and 18.

  1. Higher Education

Higher Education in France provides education to students above the age of 18. It is compulsory for students to complete their high schools before getting admitted to the Higher education institutions.


More about Higher Education in France

France is known for its top-notch higher education facilities. With is high quality higher education, France attracts students from around the world with an open heart.

To add to the facts, France has more than 3500 high qualityeducational institutions dedicated for higher educations. More than 70 public universities and thousands of private universities offer the best quality education to its students.

What studying in France will get you:

Studying in France comes with a basket of perks for you. Here are just a few of them.

  • A competitive study environment

Studying in France will give you a perfect environment to not only pursue your degree  but also gain knowledge in true sense. The calm and peaceful environment of France is just perfect for keen learners like you. It will provide you the company of thousands of keen learners like you and hence will create a competitive and healthy environment that will sustain you as a student in France.

  • Learning for life with like minded people from around the world

Students from different corners of the world come to France to pursue their dreams just like you. Of course, they don’t fly to France to waste their time. They are all talented and intellectual individuals with dreams in their eyes just like you. Hence, mingling and hanging out with them will give you a healthy and constructive environment that will teach you learnings of life that will sustain you forever.

  • Affordable for foreigners

France welcome more than 2.5 million foreigner students per year with a warm hug. 12% of its students are foreigners. However, Education in France is not as expensive as people assume it to be. The top-notch education in France comes at a very low cost, especially for the students coming from different regions of the world. The academic fees and tuition fees in France are relatively reasonable. And for those students who need financial support, most of the Universities in France offer free financial aids to its students so that everybody can afford to study in the high quality environment of France

  • Part-time job facilities

Just like any other European region, Frances has numerous part-time job availabilities for students like you who want to be independent. You can join a part time job of your choice while pursuing your higher education in France and no body will shame you for this as part-time job is pretty normal in France. This way, you will get those extra euros in your pocket as well as learn a lot while working part-time.

  • Job opportunities

France is known for its high-paying jobs that it provides to its students. After you are done with pursuing your graduation from the high-quality universities in France, you get the exposure to apply for a number of jobs in France for free. Join a job of your choice and earn the salary you always wanted.

How to get admitted to the best colleges in France?

If you are already rooting for France, here is what you should keep in mind in order to get admitted to the best Universities of France without any trouble.

If you are willing to choose a course that is not in French, you don’t need to learn French, but if you want to go for a course that includes French, you need to have a basic knowledge of the language. The universities will take a test of your knowledge of French through exams like the DELF, the DALF, the TCF or the TEF.

The problem

Despite all these facilities and perks that France offers to its students, some students still take a step back from heading to France for their higher education. But what’s dragging them back? According to studies, one of the most prominent reasons why students take a step back from proceeding ahead with their dream career is Assignments.

Students fail to deal with the pressure of assignments and therefore fail to take a step forward towards their dream. France is no exception. Just like any other university, Universities of France also make their students go through the hectic load of assignments with a deadline that is so tight that barely lets the students breathe.

What to do to escape?

Now that we know what the problem is, what can be done in order to escape from the fix is the question. Luckily, we are in 2022 and thanks to the advancement of technology, the solution to this problem is also available on the internet. You can get the top assignment help in France right on your phone. There are thousands of sites on the internet that provide assignment help in France online. Now the query is to find out the best one for yourself. As there is a massive number of assignment help services in France available on the internet, to choose the most trustworthy and convenient one is a headache in itself.

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