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Sweden is a place of sheer beauty for all the right reasons. The abundant and deep forests, beautiful clean lakes, enchanting peaks, and what not! Sweden has everything to cater to everybody’s needs. But natural beauty is not all that Sweden has to offer you. Sweden is also home to one of the best brands in the world like Spotify, IKEA, and many more. Sweden doesn’t lack talent and hence is the home to millions of talented individuals like you.

Europe is the best place to complete one’s education for a reason. Just like any other region of Europe, the education system of Sweden is equally top-notch. Sweden is counted among the top education destination in the world thanks to its high quality of education. Let’s take a look at Sweden’s education system.

Before heading on to the perks of Sweden’s higher education system, let’s take a quick look at the Swedish basic education system.

  • Education in Sweden, just like any other corner of the world, is compulsory for students between the age group of, 6 to 15. This includes pre-school, Primary and lower secondary sections.
  • Upper secondary education in Sweden is optional, but if you want to go for further studies, Upper Secondary Education is compulsory.

Higher Education in Sweden and How to Get admission

  1. Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor’s degree is the first level of higher education in Sweden just like majority of the countries in the world. Bachelor’s degree is otherwise known as the First Cycle in Sweden. In order to get admission in Bachelor’s degree in Sweden, you must complete the upper secondary education.

  1. Master’s degree

The next step in Swedish education system is Master’s degree. It is otherwise known as the second cycle of higher education in Sweden. In order to get admission for the Master’s degree in Sweden, regardless of what stream you choose to go with, you must have the bachelor’s degree in hand.

  1. Doctoral level

The final or the highest level of higher education in Sweden is the Doctoral level, otherwise known as the third cycle of higher education. In order to get admitted to your dream University in Sweden to pursue the Doctoral degree, you must have the Master’s degree along with you. However, the process of admission in Doctoral level in Sweden is different from that of Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

Perks of Studying in Sweden

  • Exposure to a new world

When you go to Sweden for further studies, you get an exposure to a whole new world. Highly qualified teachers, voracious readers all around, a calm and peaceful environment to study; a dream come true for an aspiring student. Go to Sweden for your higher studies and you will experience it yourself.

  • Highly qualified professors

Sweden is known for its unbelievably intellectual professors. Every University in Sweden hires only highly intellectual professors who are just apt to teach thousands of talented students like you. They not only invest their time to your studies, but also take every possible step on their part to bring out the best ways to teach you topics in a way that there is no lack of clarity in your mind. They devote their time to their students outside of the classroom too, so that in case the students have any sort of doubt left or if they need any sort of extra attention regarding studies, they get them all.

  • Top-notch library facilities

Sweden is famous for its top-notch library facilities both inside and outside of the educational institutions. When you are done with your classes or whenever you feel like you need a more peaceful and calm place to concentrate on your studies, just go to a library and read your heart out there with like minded people all around.

  • Part-time job facilities

If you are a student who wants to manage your own finances by being independent, Sweden is the perfect place for you. Step out of the campus and you will find thousands of part-time job facilities available for you to join them and start earning your own money.

  • Wide variety of subjects to choose from

Sweden offers a wide range of international courses to its students so that they are not limited to only a few of the mainstream subjects. There are thousands of unique and interesting subjects in the course that students can choose from according to their taste and interests.


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